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Alan Art Center

Founded in 1995. Alan Art Center focused on improving living aesthetics by integrating artistic taste into everyday lives.

About Us

Brand Story

Alan Art Center
Founded in 1995, we are well established interior decorators. We perfected the art and science of making an interior space more aesthetically pleasing and functionally useful for its inhabitants. Alan Art Center focused on improving home aesthetics by integrating artistic sense into everyday lives. We hope to customize every space to suit customer's personal taste. Making the space Personal. Alan Art Center serve every customer with the principle of professionalism and good faith. We provide interior decorating project planning, staging and decorating. We look forward to working with every single customers.


Interior Decorating
Professional lobby/common space Decor project planning,spatial design, staging and decorating.

Project Planning
Hotels, Business Towers and Condos, overall Decor layouts planning.

Original Sculpture
Custom to order large-scale outdoor/indoor sculpture projects.

Custom made ink, oil paintings.

Furnitures and Decor
Custom made lobby furnitures, floral arrangement. Showcase oil painting, reproductions, Decor and sculptures.

Custom Framing
Painting, Photo, and Picture framing